Absolutism Chap 1 New Book

World History watch the video on Wed 8/18 and do the video guide. On the BACK of the video guide give some examples how Peter was an absolutist, or was he? - remember you are a Historian now!  Video will be removed on Thurs.  Turn Guide in on Thurs or Fri.

Chapter 2 New Book  Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

On WEDNESDAY September 3rd - Watch the Video: Hero's of the Enlightenment - TAKE NOTES and turn them in on Thurs/Fri and BRING YOUR NOTECARDS TO CLASS also those days!  You don't have to be finished, I want to see where you are in the process.

Chapter 3  French Revolution and Napoleon
Chapter 4 part I Industrialization
Chapter 4 part II Nationalism

Mass Society and Imperialism

Chapter 22 WWI
Chapter 24
Chapter 25  WWII
Chapter 26 Cold War

Click on the image below to start the cold war exam. It is timed at 1hour 30minuts and is open book and ppt.  Not open person or internet! It is open Friday 3:15 to Sunday at 11:59

Middle Ages Review
Reformation Chap 14 part I